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Broad Hardware Compatibility

  • Tour 1
    - Drag Drop

  • Tour 2
    - Control Logic

  • Tour 3
    - Custom UI

  • Tour 4
    - Reporting

  • Tour 5
    - Hardware

  • Automation Manager is not tied exclusively to one camera, motion controller or gauge company. Using Automation Manager gives you the freedom to shop around for the perfect camera, motion controller, etc. to get the job done right. If you are interested in using a specific device for an application, check out our hardware compatibility pages for cameras/frame grabbers, motion controllers and IO boards to find out if it is already integrated into the AM package. If the device is not listed, contact us for integration pricing.

    Additionally, Automation manager communicates on many variable protocols eg. http, ftp, email pop (client), ethernet IP (client and server),modbus (client and server)..

    see supported hardware (others can be added on request)