Automation Manager  _  De-palletizing

Unloading the top layer from a pallet with robots requires a system to send the pick location to a robot. Pallets carry diverse loads of diverse shapes and sizes. Layers are not guaranteed to be flat, they may contain bulky objects. Pallets may arrive slanted, putting the layers on the pallet at a slope.

The pallet arrives. The camera shoots one photo using a TOF camera, and the software (Automation Manager) determines the palettes highest layer location. The robot picks up the highest item(s) of the pallet. While the robot is placing item(s), the camera shoots another photo, and the cycle is repeated.

Automation Manager is fast and flexible in this case integrating a TOF camera and communicating data to a Alan Bradley PLC. It locate the item(s)' position, using both 3D data and camera image data.

Automation Manager Features Used:


3D IFM Time of flight camera

pentium processor

System by:
System builder Pasco Systems