3D Vision


Arrangement of Acuators and Sensors

Canadian Space Agency

This installation describes the development of a control system used for the active shape control of inflatable space structures.  Automation Manager is the vision system used for the measurement of the structure shape. Shape memory alloy wire actuators are used to exert the obtained optimal tensions. The developed control system is then tested on a 200mm × 300mm rectangular Kapton membrane structure. The membrane is pulled by three tensions along each edge. Different combinations of the tensions produce various wrinkles on the membrane. Test results indicate that the developed control system works very well in improving the structure shape precision.

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Read these articles to see how the Canadian Space agency has made use of Automation Manager.

two cameras used to check location
Stereoscopic Vision

In this application Automation Manager uses two cameras are used to check the precise location of a weld.

Once the location is determined the 2  lasers driven on the xyz stage and then fired to weld the part.

Laser Measuring Panini Bread Plate
Laser Probe

A Laser profiles the cross section of plates used to make panini bread.  Automation Manager measures the profile. The software calibrates the laser and so compensates for non uniformity. Time stamped data is logged to a database

observe different objects from multiple angles

The 3D Vision utilizes the use of multiple cameras to observe different objects from multiple angles or and levels. The image to the right shows how each pixel on each camera is combined to point to a finite volume in space.  The below image shows the setup used to have two cameras guide the robots movement.