Wheel Tire Industry


Tire Integrity


Wheel and Tire Alignment

Because of Automation Manager's ability to integrate machine vision, gaging, and motion control it has found a range of uses in the wheel/tire industry.

Tire Tread Identification

In one application a camera is setup to view tire treads. Based on the treads AM determines which tire tread has been placed on the wheel.

Spoke Pattern Identification

In one application a camera is setup to view and determine the spoke pattern. Software detect chrome, polished and other surface finishes

Tire Integrity Inspection

The system checks for:
- Air Trapped in cured tire as a result of variations
- Porosity and Voids
-Trapped Air
- etc...

Automation Manager is the engine the does the inspection and control all machine elements. The system looks at the target background and adjust the exposure. Optionally the saturated areas in the image can define a mask. Vacuum pressure controlled and measured and used to trigger image capture.
The process images are saved as reports that can be printed or burnt to CD or shadows the data all from within the software

Wheel/Tire - Match Marking

Automation Manager is the slave to the product PLC. During the vision cycle Automation Manager measures the location of the two dot on the tire and wheel. On dot absence we raise and alarm and allow the operator to manually override. The vision communicates the offset to the PLC through the Ethernet. The vision PC will keep statistics. The last n Error images are saved.

Automation Manager is also capable of detemine bolt hole location - also show below.

Wheel Gauging

Machine Control and wheel inspection

using probes measures wheel harmonics and low point
software analysis includes

o XML product wheel description files (to be configured by the end user)
o Gain Calibration for the probes
o Print reporting
o Data Export to a csv file for excel import