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Automation Manager Sample Demo Applications
Sections of cable wall are analysed under a camera for minimum, maximum diameter and eccentricity. The App runs stand alone with stored images

Demonstrates custom user interface

Glass Inspection
Glass are checked for defect using top illumination - The App runs stand alone with stored images

Demonstrates more advanced IO control with shift registers...

Recording of images before and after a trigger
Spoke Pattern Identification
Spoke Pattern Identification of different wheel types running on stored images ...
Identifies Wheel Type and determines bolt hole location
Scrap Sorter
Line Scan camera sort on color in the case copper and green circuit boards...

Demonstrates use of line scan cameras and 2D kinematic modelling

Thickness Gauge
The app runs standalone simulating lasers as they pass across a material whose thickness is measured. The app simulates the motion of the lasers

Demonstrates charting...

Tool Tip Measurment
The app runs wuth some pre loaded images measuring the wear ir radius of tooltip
Wheel Gauge
Digital Probe are used Wheel Runouts and Harmonics. Stand alone the app demonstrates the use of xml file as 'recipes' for defining wheel tolerance information, it show custor user interface to load programs and prompt the user if a program required his input

Demonstrates touch probes - the demo uses pseudo probes...

more Industry Samples...

Office Automation Samples...

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