Inspection of Glass Faces and Glass Rims


Automation Manager - Glass Inspection

Why :

Glass manufacturing requires inspection of product for defects in the glass like bubbles or edge defects etc. Product rates are typically 120 - 180 parts per minute

Advantages/Benefits. :

Automation Manager Features Used :

Hardware :

Operation :

A Wheel rim is placed on the machine. The operator has set the machine for the selected wheel size and selected the tolerance specification file. He presses the two measure buttons. The software advances the head, rotates the wheel and while reading the encoder monitors the probes positions. Additionally an input tell the software the location of the valve hole. The harmonic are calculated and wheel stopped and retracted. Screens are available to show the measurements done, the probe vs encoder plots or an exaggerated wheel low point drawing. This is all configured inside Automation Manager software

Typical System Performance :