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More Automation Manager Sample Applications
Fastener Inspection
Fastener sizes are inspected.

Advanced App with:

  • multiple cameras
  • multiple program groups (so operator can load different inspection configurations to one program group
  • "File:" button show use of a single csv file as the source for all part tolerances
  • custom interface Operator product identification stuff
Fire Detect
Thermal Camera Fire Detection
Match Mark
1 Camera Wheel Tire Mark Detection
Match Mark Using Image Stitching
3 camera image stitching for Tire Marking
Profile Scan
Uses the acuity AP620 laser. With out the laser 3D point clouds can the loaded and viewed
Record workspaces
Sun Roof Seal intact
Thermal Camera verifies Seal Continuity
Vibration Noise Harschness
Signal analysis with windowing , averaging, Frequenccy Response (FQF) etc..
3D Capture
Two cameras and a projector are used to determine the 3d point cloud.
Automation Manager Promo
Automation manager Promotion workspace with many images and movies files (200M download)